Dry Firing!!!

Last week,  I had a returning student who had just gotten into three gun competition. Therefore, he has been practicing with his neighbor. They started out about even. My student then started to dry fire his handgun every night for 5 to 10 minutes. His friend asked him if has been shooting without him. When informed no. He was told years ago by me that dry firing is the single most important think you can do to become a better shot. He finally took these words to heart and found them to be true.

A couple of rules about dry firing, 1 ) Only use a modern centerfire firearm. 2) Make sure no ammunition is in the area. 3) Look and feel that the firearm is empty. 4) Only dry fire in a safe direction with a safe back stop. (if you have an accidental discharge no one get hurt.) Once done state out loud I am done dry firing for the day and do not dry fire again that day. ( Most everyone I know that had an accidental discharge when dry firing it was the second time that day.

What handgun to buy?

1)Figure out your intended purpose of the handgun.

A) This will tell you what cartridge you want
B) Size of the firearm.


2)The firearms has to be reliable. The gun must function correctly every time.

3)Fit, Does the handgun fit you and your hand. Therefore, we recommend our Enhanced Basic Handgun class prior to purchasing your first handgun. You will have the opportunity to shoot and test over 28 different handguns to find the right handgun for you. A handgun that fits you, You will shoot better under stress.

4)Manufacture’s quality. Are they known for making a quality gun? Stick with a good manufacture. All the pistols in our Enhanced Basic Handgun class are known quality handguns.

5)Manufacture’s customer service. Do they provide good custom service after the sale? No one makes a perfect product 100% of the time. When they screw up are they good about taking care of the problem.

6) Accessories, can you get spare part, magazines, holsters. Do you want to attach a flashlight or laser? Are they readily available. All are important question for deciding what handgun to purchase.

7)Price. Price is the bottom of the list. Quality handgun can be purchase from around $300.00 up to the sky’s the limit. Very good quality from about $350.00 to $1000.00. These firearms will last you for your life time if taken care of properly. So, price should not be the overriding factor but steps 1 to 6 should be.