This class is only $200.00 plus range fees. Students must have taken our Concealed carry 1 class prior to taking this class and must have a concealed carry license.

Students must provide handgun, at least three magazines or speed loaders, concealment holster, magazine or speed loader pouch. Holster must allow holstering one handed and trigger guard must be covered. 600 rounds of ammunition for your gun, hearing and eye protection, an old long sleeve tee shirt, notebook, flashlight, teeth guards, knee pads and groin protection are highly recommended.

Concealed Carry 2/ Defensive Handgun 2

This is a very practical extension of our Concealed Carry 1 class. It has a much larger round count. During these course students, will do most of their shooting on the move and often with moving targets. Firearm retention drills and take away drills, scenario training, handgun qualification and much more.

All of our Handgun training courses exceed the State of Florida Training requirements. We are certified by the State of Mississippi to teach the Enhanced Pistol training requirements.