To obtain a pistol permit or a concealed carry license in Alabama is fairly simple. At this time you have to apply in person at your local Sheriff Department or in most cases your local Sheriff Department annex. 

Alabama is what is called a shall issue state. What this means the Sherriff must issue you a permit if you are not a prohibited person or a restricted person. 

To find your local Sherriff Department click on the link below. 


Concealed Weapon license. To obtain a State of Florida concealed weapons license ie pistol license you must supply proof of training. All of Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC handgun training classes meet and exceed the State of Florida training requirements.

The state of Florida is a shall issue state. This means if you meet the state of Florida requirements they must issue you a Concealed Weapons License. You have to be at least 21 years of age. Florida also offers the ability for non- Florida resident to obtain a Florida non-resident Concealed Weapons license. Once you obtain your training at Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC follow the link below to obtain your information on getting your Florida Concealed Weapons License.  

How to apply for a Pistol Permit 


The state of Mississippi is unique, Mississippi allows you to conceal carry in Mississippi in certain places once you are 18 years of age with a holster but other places are off limits. They also offer what is called an Enhanced Permit. The Enhanced Permit is a shall issue permit for residents over the age of 21.

To obtain the Enhanced permit training from an Mississippi certified firearms instructor is required. Gulf Firearms Instruction LLC is an Mississippi Enhanced Certified Instructor. Mississippi required that we teach the Enhanced NRA basic handgun classes with Mississippi laws. As we are certified to do so just call 251979-2589 or email us to schedule a class.